16 tips to become a sewing pro (for beginners and more advanced learners)

Credits : jjensovskyjakuba / Pixabay
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Sewing isn’t just for grannies! It can also be extremely useful in daily life, for hems and mending holes, but also for making our own clothes or decorations. However, not everyone enjoys it, and often, those who love it are the people who know what they are doing.

However, have no fear, because these tips are just as much for those who are starting out as for sewing enthusiasts, and will help with simple sewing projects.

1) A simple tip for even spacing between stitches

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2) Use steel wool and cloth to create an ideal pin cushion. Your pins will stay lovely and sharp!


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3) Sewing rough material can be hard on your sewing machine, but using a plastic bag will make the job easier.

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4) Are you sick of trying to thread the needle with no success? A blast of hair spray on the thread will help you find the eye of the needle with ease.

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5) Bulldog clips are great for holding everything in place while you are sewing.

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